Hiragana Chart,the Best Way in Learning how to Read Japanese

Published: 17th May 2011
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Learning to read Japanese has to be one of the most difficult challenges of all when learning a foreign language. It has not one, two but three different writing systems. To be able to read Japanese you need to master all three Japanese alphabets. Without a perfect understanding of all three, you will not be able to read a newspaper or book. You may think this is an impossible challenge. But wait, there is hope. If you start and learn step by step it is possible. The best place to start is with hiragana.

To understand why to learn Hiragana first, you should first know what all of the three writing systems are and what they are used for. First there is Kanji. Kanji means Chinese characters and was adapted from China. The characters are used to represent objects and things. The difficulty with Kanji is that there are over 2000 in common usage and they have many strokes, meaning learning them is a challenge. The second writing system is Katakana. Katakana is used for foreign words that have made their way into the Japanese language. Lastly there is hiragana. Hiragana is used for grammar and parts of the sentence that cannot be written with Kanji and Katakana.

The main advantage of learning hiragana is that the entire Japanese language can be written in this writing system. There are 46 basic characters and once you have learnt them, you will be able to write anything in the language. Kids also learn hiragana before they learn Kanji and katakana, and so you will find you can read kids books.

The best way to learn hiragana is with a chart. As there are only 46 basic characters, sticking a chart on the wall will mean that before long you start to remember the images. Some charts make familiar pictures from the hiragana characters so it is easier to remember. Put the chart somewhere that you will see every day, like near your desk or even in the bathroom. Before long you will find that you will start to recognise the characters.

Look for an online Hiragana Chart that has the pronunciation so that you can hear how the characters sound and find a chart that can be hung up on the wall so you are able to see it often. Check out my site http://www.learn-hiragana-katakana.com which has free Japanese learning resources, including hiragana, katakana and basic Japanese lessons and audio pronunciation.

Use a Hiragana Chart to learn the pronunciation and listen to how the characters sound.Have a look at the site http://www.learn-hiragana-katakana.com which is full of Japanese learning resources.

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